The safety gates allow safe pallet handling on different levels. They are manufactured to standard or custom specifications to fit the environment. We design swing, vertical sliding, lifting models, etc.

Drop gangways allow for securing the operator with a retractable guardrail and facilitating access to the dome with a deformable staircase. The gangway is locked in the high position. The tank arrives and is positioned. The operator unlocks the gangway and drops it onto the tank dome. The folding staircase and guardrail are put in place to facilitate access and security around the area. The operator can carry out his operations. Once finished, he raises the gangway and locks it. Access to the tank dome is secured. Drop gangways can also be automated with pneumatic or electric systems. They can also include options: a rising barrier in front of the tractor cabin that is linked to the position of the guardrail - inclination of the guardrail - adjustable inner guardrail - etc.